It’s the religious festival season, and one of the more unsavoury modern customs associated with such occasion is the made-up tabloid article about the festival offending groups of people.

Step forward perennial offender The Sun, with this year’s offering about shops selling Easter eggs. OUTRAGE AS EASTER EGGS ARE RENAMED TO AVOID OFFENDING OTHER RELIGIONS, barks the headline. The object of the paper’s ire appears to be a Cadbury’s chocolate egg pack that has changed its name from Easter Egg Trail Pack to Egg Hunt Pack (pictured).

As with the storm in a coffee cup last Christmas when Starbucks committed the crime of issuing a seasonal cup that wasn’t sufficiently Christmassy for some, the reasons given for the change are ‘political correctness‘.

However, there is almost nothing in the article to suggest that shops or manufacturers are making any kind of move whatsoever to remove the word ‘Easter‘ from products or displays. Most of the article focuses on a charity organisation The Meaningful Chocolate Company who have started selling more religion-oriented Easter eggs to combat the perceived distancing by manufacturers from any religious association.

There are also some comments from the Bishop of Salisbury about fighting to stop the festival turning secular. But nothing about these other religions who are supposedly so offended by Easter that they can’t even bear to see the word printed on products or shop displays.

The Sun claims that Cadbury’s, Nestle and Sainsbury have all removed the word Easter in recent years. However, they don’t seem to have done a very good job as the word still appears all over their products, as can be seen on the websites for all three: Cadbury’s, Nestle and Sainsbury.

Meanwhile, supermarkets including Tesco, Morrisons and Waitrose are stocking the Meaningful Chocolate Real Easter Egg, which comes complete with the Christian story of Easter. It’s been retailing for five years, with no known incidences of other religious groups being offended by it in any way.

As for the offending Cadbury’s product: it’s far more likely the word Easter has been removed so that the product can be more easily sold all year round, rather than just at Easter time. So capitalism rather than political correctness. Not that it’s likely to stop The Sun from writing articles designed to make small-minded people get angry about nothing.

Original Sun article available here:

Tabloid Corrections Facebook page: here.



  1. Since Easter and eggs are both of pagan origin, this all seems even more farcical. Easter is the goddess of fertility (Oestre) and eggs symbolise fertility. The festival is of rebirth and springtime. It has nothing to do with Christianity at all.

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