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The EU referendum may be over but the anti-European tabloids are still pushing on with their disinformation campaign about the EU.

On Tuesday, the Daily Express – the UKIP-supporting paper that has long been the biggest cheerleader of EU withdrawal – published a story called EUROPEAN SUPERSTATE TO BE UNVEILED: EU NATIONS ‘TO BE MORPHED INTO ONE’ POST-BREXIT.

The article claims that member states are to be given an ‘ultimatum’ to accept ‘radical proposals’ that include the transfer of national armies, criminal law, taxation and banking to Brussels.

The article also claims that ‘member states would also lose what few controls they have left over their own borders’.

The same story was also reported in The Sun.

But the report that this story refers to – ‘A strong Europe in a world of uncertainties’ by Jean-Marc Ayrault and Frank-Walter Steinmeier – mentions nothing about transferring any of these individual powers to Brussels at all, let alone immediately post-Brexit.

The 9-page report – available to read in full here – is a response to Brexit and discusses how to better integrate security, asylum policy and the economy at EU level while meeting the expectations of EU citizens in a climate of wavering support and passion for European integration.

Rather than conducting power-grabs and forcing ultimatums, the report discusses balancing working together at a European level with allowing nation-states the freedom to determine their own policies where possible.

‘Our task is twofold’, write the authors. ‘We have to strictly focus our joint efforts on those challenges that can only be addressed by common European answers, while leaving others to national or regional decision-making and variation. And we must deliver better on those issues we have chosen to focus on.’

The report mainly focuses on information-sharing of security and intelligence services, how to deal with the ongoing migration crisis and working towards economic stability in the Eurozone.

Unfortunately, as with most of these tabloid articles based on reports, no link to the original document is provided by either paper so they are pretty much free to distort the information as much as they like without readers being able to easily check accuracy.

What both papers also neglect to mention is that the report is not an EU policy document or bill. It is simply a paper written by national politicians for consideration by EU politicians. Ayrault is the French foreign minister and Steinmeier is the German foreign minister. So even if it was full of suggestions to strip away the powers of national governments, nobody is about to suddenly push it through the European parliament. To write about it as if it is a policy that’s already been determined is completely untrue.

But then if this referendum has proved anything, it’s that these papers have little regard for truthful reporting or anything approaching accuracy.

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