(Photo: Simon Bleasdale)

Celebrity gossip pamphlet The Sun has admitted to publishing lies in a document leaked online.

In revelations that will shock the world of tabloid press, the paper also confessed that it doesn’t bother to fact-check information provided by third parties and will willingly re-publish any old rubbish.

The document, dated 6th June 2016 and written by one of the paper’s senior staff, boasts how information provided to the public is not ‘100% accurate’.

Regarding third party content, the document claims that it is not the paper’s responsibility to check whether the content is factual, saying that readers should do this themselves if they have concerns.

The paper arrogantly and defiantly tells those who are not happy with its approach to reporting news to ‘stop using our services’.

Actually, the above isn’t strictly true. We know the paper publishes lies, doesn’t fact-check and is arrogant in its approach but it never confessed to any of this in an online document.

Well, not in the way I’ve written. The above is based on information taken from the Terms & Conditions section on the paper’s own website (see original text below). What I’ve done is cherry-picked bits, twisted the message to suit my own agenda, isolated a couple of small quotes to make it look more legit and used a couple of inflammatory terms to try and stir up emotion (‘boasts’, ‘arrogantly and defiantly’).


Do these tactics sound familiar? If not, then you probably haven’t encountered an article written in The Sun recently.

Yes, I’ve decided to write a little article on The Sun using the paper’s own strategy and style of writing.

See that misleading and attention-grabbing headline that isn’t supported by the text further down in the article? Well, The Sun has been found guilty by the regulators of doing that numerous times this year. Other papers have also.

I’ve even employed the old tabloid strategy of burying all of the factual information in the second half of the article. I would say in the knowledge that many readers will digest the headline and first couple of paragraphs and won’t really bother with the rest, but I have a bit more faith in the people that read this blog.

But if you are reading and have made it this far, feel free to share among people with short attention spans who might only read the beginning bit. Let’s give The Sun a little taste of its own medicine.

If I get into trouble and IPSO wants to prosecute me, I’m more than happy to publish a tiny corrections notice in six months’ time. That’s no bother at all.

Tabloid Corrections Facebook page: here.


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